Ink DrawingJosh lucas2011This drawing was My number one favorite. When we were assigned this project i thought right away that i could never draw something this good. Once I got started and knew what I was doing I couldn't wait to finish it and see the final product. I usually never keep anything i draw because I don't think that they turn out very good but i kept this one because I was actually very proud of it.

Current Issue PaintingPink Ribbon2011This painting was something I enjoyed doing because we got to use our creative side and find things in magazines and online that just had colors that were related to what we were working on and then putting them into the idea of the painting. This is another project that i thought wouldn't turn out good because I'm not very good at painting, but it is something that looked really good in the end and had a lot of meaning to it. I would love to do another project like this and I'm sure future classmates would enjoy it to.

Hallway DrawingsHigh School Hallway2011-2012The Hallway drawing was confusing to me at first i wasn't very sure what I was supposed to do and needed to get some help on it. Though The more I got done on the drawing the more I started to understand what I was doing and how to draw all the details. I wish I could of spent some more time on this drawing with the shading because I think it could have looked a little better then what i finished it as. I think students who like working with rulers and drawing 2D pictures would love this project.

SketchbookWild Flower2011
This was a sketch I did during some free time I had and I couldn't think of anything else to draw until i was listening to my ipod and thought it would be a creative idea to write down some of the lyrics to the song I was listening to and incorporate some sketches that pertained to the lyrics. So I drew some flowers along with the lyrics of the song and added color and it became one of my best and favorite sketches.

SketchbookWritten in The stars2011-2012
I Liked doing this sketch because the song that I wrote down was one of my favorite songs when it first came out and it was all i would listen too for weeks. I think that I would like to draw more sketches like this that had song lyrics and certain pictures to go with it because every song has a meaning, And all songs have different meanings to certain people. I think that If this was a project idea with more detail it would turn out to be really cool.

NecklaceButterfly set2012
I love Making double Necklaces like this one with a single stranded bracelet so I decided to make it for my aunt because she loves the jewelry that I make for my grandma and gets jealous. This one Is not my favorite necklace because it isn't the style of beads i would normally choose but it is something that fits my aunts personality so i did it just for her. She was supposed to get it for christmas but I didn't have it finished so now it will make a great birthday gift.

NeckalceDragonfly Set2012
The dragonfly necklace and bracelet was a set I created for my grandma because I haven't made her many necklaces in a while and I thought she would like this one. I really like this one because i made it differently then i usually do by taking 2 strands of string and adding a single bead to each strand and then putting the strands together and adding one bead to make a thicker effect. This is a necklace that I want to create more because i really like the end result and think it turned out really good.

NecklaceGrandma's Heart set2012
I made this necklace and bracelet for my grandma because she needed something that was elegant to wear for going out to dinner. I really like this necklace because i think it's so pretty and elegent and would be something that i would wear. I used all glass beads on it and for the clasp they are hearts to match the pendant.

NecklaceMom's Cross necklace2012
I had made this cross necklace for my mom because she likes to wear things that are stylish and she has a lot of clothes that will go good with this necklace. I dont think that i would wear this neckalce because it's not my style but i know that my mom will love it and wear it all the time. I used white pearl beads and regular black beads and a cross pendant for the necklace, and white pearl beads with black beads for the bracelet.

Bracelet Blue Sparkles2012
I had made this bracelet for my best friend kasie because she had been asking me to make her something for a really long time so i finally made her a bracelet that is her favorite color. I really like the blue crystal beads that I used and want to make her a matching necklace and earings to go with it.

NecklaceThe owl2012
I had made this necklace for my aunt because she had been asking me for a necklace since she always sees the ones that i make for my mother and grandma and she gets jealous. This necklace didn't take me very long to make which is one thing that i love about it. I love how the design of it turned out and how nicely it willl look with a white or black shirt.

NecklaceBlue stones2012
I made this necklace for my mom because she has a lot of blue summer clothes that this will go good with. Came to the store with me and picked out her own beads and pendant for me to make it for her. I havn't showed her the finale results of her necklace yet but I am sure she will love it. I really loved this necklace because i have never made a necklace with this color blue before and I am surprised at how pretty the color looks.

BraceletPink & blue heart2012
I made this bracelet to be something that had a different color pattern, but would stand out at the same time. I never really mixed those types of colors together before but I am glad to see the results of it looked pretty cool. I am planning on giving this bracelet to my cousin because i know she will fall in love with the colors of it.


NeklaceAngel wing2012
I made this necklace for my grandma because she had me asked me if i could make her something that was bright and would be good to were in the summertime. I really love this necklace and I can't believe i actually gave it to her in the end I was almost thinking of keeping it for myself and creating her a new one. This is one of my favorite ones that I made so far this semester.

I also made this necklace for my grandma because she likes elephants and I knew that she would love it. I really liked this necklace to because it had a safari look to it and i thought it turned out to be really pretty when I was finished with it. I Think this would be my second favorite that I have made, and I now have to make one for my mom like this because she loves it too.


I had made this bracelet for my mom because she has a lot of black dress tops that she can wear it with. This one was a fast and easy one to make, but still looks nice and elegant. I wouldn't mind using the same beads i used to make a long double stranded necklace to go with it.